Prepared to Exceed Cardiac Monitoring Expectations.....

Misceo ACCESS enables hospitals, clinics and patients to have more control over their cardiac disease management, giving the patient the comfort of not necessarily needing to be admitted into a hospital.
By eliminating the geological barrier between healthcare services, we dramatically improve patient outcomes as well as hospital efficiency.
Efficient Patient Care

Better coverage : Serve more patients by enabling them to go home sooner and be monitored remotely.


Improve treatment outcomes through effective patient engagement.

Encourage patients to self manage their conditions through proper health education. 

Increase frequency of doctor-patient interaction through effective implementation of AI driven telemedicine services 

Expert Diagnostics

Miniaturized  package with powerful insights.




Medically accurate and continuous monitoring



Empower clinicians with dynamic decision making tools using real-time patient monitoring.


Real-Time Remote Monitoring :  clinics can provide top-notch care without having a doctor on site.

In-Home Healthcare

Fear or inability to travel to a hospital results in patients denying themselves care at all.


Misceo enable a patient remaining at home while receiving care.


Hassle free remote monitoring: Healthcare services at your doorsteps.


Take charge of your own healthcare ,reducing the anxiety as well as the cost of unnecessary hospital visits through effective use of tele-medicine services

Serve more patients by enabling them to go home sooner and be monitored remotely. Rural communities can partner with remote specialists at large hospitals. Patients can be monitored and potentially diagnosed to assess whether they need to travel to the hospital at all. Large machines can be replaced with small Misceo devices, freeing up entire areas in overcrowded hospitals.

"Misceo Grand Technologies has created an innovative and transformative technology with form factor and embedded data analytics that enhances new technology usability for patients and providers.  It will be poised to lead the next phase of wearable vital sign and MCT devices

                          - Dr. Sanjeev Bhavnani, Cardiologist - Healthcare Innovation & Practice Transformation at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, San Diego, CA.

Misceo Access is world-class technology with an innovative form factor that brings together vital sign tracking and analytic support that will help scale cardiac monitoring technology to the non-cardiologist community around the world

                           - Dr. Brad Younggren, Medical Director , Evergreen Health Hospital, Kirkland , WA.


In clinical research and in healthcare more broadly, acquisition devices like the one from Misceo can play a crucial role in capturing actionable high-quality EKG and related data

                         - Alex Zapesochny , CEO & President, iCardiac, Inc, Rochester, NY

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