Tracking Peak Performance...

Individual Peak Performance

Misceo INSIGHT enables team coaches and trainers to gain better understanding of their team members fatigue and endurance as well as heart health and improvement. By seeing a complete day-to-day picture of heart health before, during and after workouts, training can be modified and early signs of complications can be diagnosed.

Misceo creates custom platforms based on training regimens or sport specifics, so the data is relevant to each user’s performance goals, & can dramatically reduce risk of injury or cardiac events

Benefits to Trainers & Coaches


Training facility can afford cost and space needed for top-quality, portable Misceo monitoring device.
• Trainer can better understand behavioral pattern of cardiac activity of player and create training regimens to enhance individual peak performance.
• Remote monitoring is possible for athletes, enabling  a more thorough and complete understanding of heart health: before, during, and after strenuous activity.
• Sudden differences in heart function, fatigue or endurance can be spotted early, and diagnosis can happen before a potentially critical heart event.
• Custom platforms are offered so conditions unique to certain sports or training regimens can be monitored. 
• Design is ergonomic, fitting well with the body, and shaped so placement errors are eliminated

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